About Us

- Our WHY is your success

As the business owner you have to be all things to all people in the company. Our aim is to get you the time freedom to run your business and actually live a life. Our clients have found that they are looking for: 

What is suffering in your life because you are taking on too much of the work? Our Mission at WYDUB is to give you the time freedom to focus on what's important. Your family, your business, and your personal development.

Allan Dubon

Co-Owner/ Consulting Specialist

John Weidow

Co-Owner/Web Development

Sarita Dawson

Outreach Coordinator

Ognen Trpeski

Brand Specialist

Jeremy Allen

Brand Strategist

Michal Konarzewski

Graphic Designer

Brad Imming

Google Ads

Isaac Wilson

Brand creation and marketing

Michael Ostrow

FB Ads Specialist

Jennifer Harshman

Writing & publishing expert

Aaron Cote

SEO Specialist

Andrew Mundy

Email Marketing Specialist

Ashley Shackleford

Creative Designer
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